Zoovillage is available in selected countries within EU (the European Union). 

Zoovillage is also available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and selected countries outside the EU. Please visit the correct site for your region to make your purchase.

Klarna Checkout

Zoovillage offers Klarna Checkout as a secure payment option for private customers. Klarna Checkout is the largest third party provider of payment solutions in Sweden. Klarna Checkout offers several different payment options - both international and local alternatives for your market. Therefore, the payment options available are unique to you as a customer.

Klarna Checkout presents specific information to you as soon as you are identified. The information you will need to enter to verify your identify can vary between purchases, markets and customers.

Once your identity is verified, Klarna Checkout will show the payment options that are available to you. Available payment options can vary from time to time.

We are not responsible for any fees that may be added to your purchase through Klarna.

More about Terms and conditions for Klarna Checkout here

Please contact Klarna if you have any questions about your payment. Zoovillage is unable to respond to questions regarding payments since after your confirmed purchase, all questions relating to your purchase are handled by Klarna.

You can contact Klarna Customer Service here